Christmas Nativity ~ West Palm Beach

Astro and the little Zebu were the hit of the show at Faith Church in West Palm Beach. 

Palm Beach Hounds

We had a great day out playing! Leon is four years old and rode with his mother Tiffany. Taylor who rode at our barn for many years is now back with us. Moonpie is the ears that you see in the pictures above!  Quailland is the name that this property has always gone by with … Read more

Unicorns, Zoonicorns and Trackless Train in Boca Raton

We went way south this last weekend. All the way down in Boca Raton at South County Regional Park! Great party for a little lucky Munchkin!  Lovely Event! We can certainly bring these items for your event. You can book now directly off the website here, or you can text 772-485-1903.

Fundraiser for local horse rescue ~ Palm City, Florida

equine rescue & adoption foundation 2nd annual country festival

Horse Rescue ~ Pony Rides Come Ride with us to benefit a local horse rescue!  Equine Rescue & Adoption Foundation brings life and love to those little horses who need it! 2nd Annual Country Festival 2016. Sunday October 23, 11-4PM Bring Friends and Family for a Day of Fun at the barn! Live music by … Read more

Petting Zoo Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Our Friendly Petting Zoo Animals party down in Palm Beach Gardens.

We brought our Petting Zoo, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida for a fun party for all!  The Pool, our Ponies, Bounce House and all this FuN! Consider inviting our Ponies, Petting Zoo or the other activities we offer to your event whether it be a party, festival or family reunion.

Choyce party petting zoo little goat
Petting Zoo Goat Palm Beach Gardens
Choyce party pony petting
Chewy our sweet petting pony and Rae looking a little shocked?
Choyce party petting zoo white goat
Lila our Sweet Lamb in the Petting Zoo
Choyce party petting zoo
Rae holding our Ducky and our sweet Red Hen held by munchkin.